Company History


Experience & Job History





Company Beginning

Aztech Electric was founded in 1967 and incorporated in 1968 as an Electrical Line Contractor.  The founders were David Balch, an Engineer employed by Washington Water Power, and Andrew Dahlman, a Project Manager employed by a local electrical contractor.  Aztech was formed with Balch as President and Dahlman as Operations Manager.  That structure continued until 1982, at which time Balch retired and Dahlman became President.


Aztech Electric's offices were located in Spokane, Washington, at 104 North Hutchinson with 2,000 sq. ft. of office, 5,000 sq. ft. of warehouse, and 3,000 sq. ft. of shop until 1992 when we moved to 5204 East Broadway.   The East Broadway facilities include 12,000 sq. ft. of office, 20,000 sq. ft. warehouse, 5,000 sq. ft. tool storage and repair, and 7,000 sq. ft. vehicle repair situated on 3.5 acres. 

Work Experience

Aztech Electric has worked for most of the utility companies in the Northwest.  We have completed many transmission projects up to 230kV, numerous substations, distribution installations, conversions and rebuilds.  Our projects have required the use of helicopters, marine equipment, and other specialized techniques.  Over the years Aztech Electric has expanded into virtually every area of electrical construction.  We have completed electrical projects for a vast number of major commercial and industrial companies in the Western United States.

In Washington Aztech Electric has completed jobs such as Opportunity Presbyterian Church, Wal-Mart Food Distribution Center, Seattle City Hall, Harbor Steps, and various projects at Seatac Airport including the Aircraft Fueling System, Terminal 46, and Communications Infrastructure.  Aztech Electric also performs work in Montana: Summit Hotel and Libby Dam; Oregon: Tri-Met Tunnel and Doernbecker Hospital; and Idaho: BNSF Fueling Facility and Pend Oreille Paper Mill.  Please see “Experience and Job History” for additional information.

Types of Construction 

The approximate percentages of the various types of construction that Aztech Electric has performed over recent years is as follows: 

• Commercial/Institutional/Governmental – 70%

• Offices
• Retail
• Educational
• Hospitality
• Hospitals
• Correctional Facilities

• Industrial – 4% 
• Service and Maintenance – 1% 
• Voice/Data/Video – 2%
• Roadway Lighting and Signaling – 9% 
• Overhead/Underground Line & Substation – 14%

Key Personnel

As the largest Electrical Contractor in Spokane, and one of the largest of this region, we have been able to attract the best personnel in all areas of our business.  Most importantly, we have been able to keep them.  We have done this through offering continuous challenging long-term employment and by following a company policy of rewarding employees for performance.  Twenty years of continuous service is not uncommon among Aztech employees.  Our personnel are truly the key to our past, present and ongoing success.  This personnel continuity allows our customers to benefit from tried and true business and professional practices.

Financial Soundness

Many years of prudent business practices have provided a significant financial base from which to operate.  This claim is supported by Aztech's long and strong banking, bonding and supplier relationships.  Aztech has previously bonded single projects greater than $10,000,000.  Our largest single project to date has been Kaiser Trentwood Mill Renovation with a total cost in excess of $300,000,000 of which the electrical portion was in the $45,000,000 range.

Tools and Equipment

Aztech prides itself on a policy of providing the workforce with the most up to date, complete, and functional tools and equipment available.  Since the beginning, a significant part of contract income has been dedicated to securing those tools and equipment.  This policy has allowed us to provide our customers with a workforce equipped to provide maximum efficiency and productivity.

Job Costing / Budget Tracking

Many of Aztech's projects fall into the negotiated fee or unit price format.  Aztech is accustomed to providing it’s customers with detailed cost tracking reports that are driven from budgets established before work begins and these reports are continuously updated throughout the project.  We have found this information invaluable to owners in deciding the best way to utilize the electrical dollars. 

Our accounting system is state of the art and capable of customizing reports in any format or time frame the owner may choose. 

Current job cost reporting gives our customers the ability to take advantage of both opportunities and potential saving in order to maximize them; or conversely, to be pre-warned of problems ahead in order to minimize or eliminate them.  Our reporting policy is totally open book with regard to any and all project information.

Engineering / Design Assist

Aztech prides itself on being a proactive team player, be it through providing complete engineering services or working with the owners' engineer in a design assist role.  We have a complete online engineering department with the latest computer aided drafting systems, allowing us the ability to value manage a project from conception clear through construction.  

We have also developed, over the years, relationships with many of this area’s most prestigious engineering firms.  We have collaborated with them at times on design, where it was felt the affiliations would benefit the customer.  By involving Aztech early on in the project we have proven time and time again our ability to provide benefit to the owner through, first cost consideration, ongoing life cycle cost analysis and future flexibility.

Value Engineering 

Aztech's experience and dedication to providing the owner with the best possible value has been put to the test on many occasions.  The sooner we can become involved in a project the greater impact we are able to have on the budget.  This involvement allows us the ability to provide the owner with cost options and educated advice as to the long-range life cycle cost and results on any number of construction scenarios.  We feel it our duty to understand completely the owners’ short and long-term desires for their projects. 

Aztech is a very budget conscious contractor.  Our estimating systems are set up to track and rapidly respond to pricing requests.  Our experienced personnel are constantly on the watch for the most cost effective method of meeting our customers’ goals.  We maintain a constant and current flow of information, allowing the customer many choices, even when time is of the essence.