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AZTECH ELECTRICís approach to safety is basically simple.  We treat safety as a company and personal value and strive to produce a -0- incident environment.  We approach this philosophy from a number of directions.


1.It is mandatory that each employee read, understand and agree to comply with our written company safety policy.

2.Our company is dedicated to the ongoing education and safety specific training of all employees.  We require this training on a weekly basis, and are willing to pay for it.

3.  AZTECH ELECTRIC'S company Safety Officer assures conformance to our plan and continuously updates and modify the plan to stay ahead of the latest and best safety ideas and methods. Our Safety Officer has the full support of upper management.

4.  AZTECH ELECTRIC involves its insurance company loss control specialist to work with our Safety Officer to continue to find new ways to prevent accidents in the work place.

5.  In addition to our company safety policy, AZTECH ELECTRIC develops a separate site specific safety policy for each of our major projects.  This allows us to identify hazards unique to a specific project in order to mitigate the risk.


Complementing our written policies and mandatory practices, AZTECH ELECTRIC has been a pioneer in the electrical industry in establishing a drug free work place policy.  This policy includes initial testing of all employees with ongoing random testing.  The policy further requires testing of any individual involved in an accident.


While some of our types of work have a higher risk and subsequent loss due to accident, we are determined to take all necessary steps to continue to improve our safety record.  Realizing that the insurance rates reflect reporting of incidence, and that rates are affected by work history from three years previously reported, we proudly report that our rates have declined.  Accompanied by the expanded Safety Program with a full time Safety Officer, and backed by a committed management team, we look forward to a safer AZTECH ELECTRIC for years to come.


Copies of our safety program will be sent to you, upon request.